Fire Department

Mission Statement

Loganville Fire Department is committed to preserve life and property by providing the highest level of customer service through training, fire prevention and mitigation of emergencies both man-made and natural.


Station 1 - Lee Byrd Road

Callsign Station 15 - 789 Lee Byrd Road
Opened in 1998 when the original fire station on pecan street in downtown Loganville was closed.
Houses an Arial and 2 personnel.

Station 2 - Tom Brewer Road

Callsign Station 16 - 605 Tom Brewer Road
Opened in 2006
Houses an Arial platform truck, and Engine, a Walton County Ambulance and 6 personnel.

Station 3 - Old Loganville Road

Callsign Station 18 - 180 Old Loganville Road
Opened in 2009
Houses a Fire Engine, a Battalion Car and 3 Personnel.

Fire Marshal

The fire marshal oversees all activities within the Fire Prevention Division.

Information and Forms