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Loganville Water Quality Control

The Water Quality Control Division, provides the resources and programs necessary to adequately monitor and protect the quality of our community’s water resources, including both public drinking water and water discharged to our streams, and the sanitary sewer and storm drain systems.


The Water Quality Control Division accepts and supervise administration of loans and grants for projects to enhance the infrastructure of the city’s utility systems. Present regulations for adoption of comprehensive water quality management programs, develop water quality standards measures to be taken to prevent water pollution and monitor water quality.

Director of Water Quality

Chris Yancey

Office: 770.466.1306



4895 Hwy.81 North | Loganville,Ga. 30052


Admin. Assistant

Linda Bennett

Phone: 770.466.1306



4895 Hwy.81 North | Loganville,Ga. 30052



Our mission is to operate and implement water pollution control programs as required by Federal and State laws ensuring compliance by both the City of Loganville and those dischargers regulated by the City.


Our goals are to control the quality of discharges to the wastewater collection system through assisting all departments with inspections, monitoring, and permitting; ensure compliance with all applicable Federal and State water quality discharge requirements. To monitor and evaluate drinking water quality, ensuring City compliance with all applicable Federal and State regulations governing drinking water quality.


The Water Quality Control Division supports planning, design, operation and maintenance practices to maintain high water quality from the point-of-entry of the drinking water distribution system to the point of water quality of the streams within our service area,


Water Quality Control Facility:

The City of Loganville Water Quality Control Facility is located at 4895 Hwy. 81 North, Loganville, GA. 30052.


As currently constituted, the Water Quality Control Facility consists of two Biological SBR tanks, tertiary filtration, Chlorination and De-chlorination to provide treatment for a rated capacity of 2.0 million gallons per day (MGD)


The facility currently operates under two National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit issued by GAEPD.


The first permit allows the facility to discharge up to 1.75 million gallons per day (MGD) to Big Flat Creek. Second permit allows the facility to spray irrigate .250 million gallons per day on to it’s 40 acre LAS fields.


The Facility is currently being expanded and retrofitted to meet the needs of future generations. This plant expansion will also introduce several new technologies designed to produce high quality effluent water and increase the plant’s efficiency.

City of Loganville Phase 1 Facility Expansion Overview

  • Construction Cost: $4,800,000
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Start Date: July 27, 2015
  • End Date: August 3, 2016
  • Contacts: Chris Yancey

Director of Water Quality

Upon completion of the phase 1 construction the Water Quality Control Facility, a second phase of construction will start to expand the facility from the current capacity of 2.0 million gallons per day to 3.33 million gallons per day.


Laboratory Control:

The Water Quality Control department manages and operates a State-Certified Laboratory where a variety of analyses are performed.


The laboratory, located at the Water Quality Control Facility, is staffed by certified personnel and is equipped with various instruments designed to provide accurate and timely scientific and microbiological data. Its primary function is to monitor and ensure the treatment plant’s, Water system and Stormwater compliance with all Federal, State, and Local regulations and requirements.


Who runs the Water Quality Control Facility?

Highly trained, experienced, State-certified treatment plant operators employed by the City of Loganville are on duty each day to oversee treatment plant processes, and react promptly to any unusual condition. Many controls of treatment processes are automated requiring a great deal of technical expertise. Other processes require manual controls which rely on the operator’s frequent physical presence to observe conditions and make adjustments. Weekends, holidays, and at the wee hours of the morning…operators are carefully monitoring every aspect of the facility.

How reliable is the treatment facility?

Reliability at the Water Quality Control Facility is very high. The plant is staffed each day and is monitored through our SCADA system 24 hours a day by operators who are able to respond to any situations that arise. Critical treatment processes are designed with redundant equipment, which means that if a mechanical or electrical component fails, a spare is waiting to take its place. Mechanical and electrical staff members are on-call 24 hours a day in case of a failure that requires their immediate assistance. Maintenance staff diligently cares for the equipment to predict and prevent breakdowns, further adding to the reliability of the facility.

How is the quality of treated wastewater ensured?

Our on-site instrumentation provides information and records data on the water quality around the clock. Information is collected and stored automatically in a database for evaluation by our operational process staff. Samples are collected and analyzed by certified laboratory technicians in our on-site, State-certified laboratory. This information is also added to our operational database. Independent laboratories periodically verify quality as well.

What does a Water Quality Control Facility do?

The Water Quality Control Facility remove impurities contained in wastewater so treated wastewater can be safely returned to the environment. This same stabilization process occurs in nature to break down wastewater into its most basic components of carbon dioxide and water. Common methods of treatment include physical, biological and chemical treatment steps to stabilize the wastewater. The City of Loganville’s Water Quality Control Facility is designed to accelerate and control nature’s process to insure proper treatment is provided.

Where does the water go once it is treated?

A portion of treated wastewater can be re-used for irrigation on our LAS hay fields or discharged to the Big Flat Creek.

GREEN DESIGN – Bio-solids

The Water Quality Control department is committed to making our city a greener place to live by supporting responsible designing of our facility and sustainable practices. The Water Quality Control Facility has invested in and established in projects designed to use byproducts of out treatment process to further support our environment.


The Water Quality Control Facility generates about 100 Dry Tons per year of Class B digester sludge (“biosolids”). Our Bio-solids are safely applied to local farmland where they act as a beneficial amendment to farmland and an environmentally-friendly alternative to petroleum-based and chemical fertilizers.

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